Plasma Spraying


In plasma spraying the sprayed material (as a powder) is fired into the plasma jet where it melts and is propelled at high speed onto the component surface where it rapidly cools and forms a coating.

The plasma spraying process is classed as a cold process and because of this the amount of damage and distortion caused on the component is minimised. It also means that a huge range of substrates can be improved using this process.

Some of the coatings are as follows:-

  • Ceramic and Cermet (Metal/Ceramic mix) coatings including: Chrome oxide, Aluminium oxide, Titanium oxide, Thermal barrier coatings such as Zirconium oxide
  • Metal Chrome coatings including: Chrome carbide, Tungsten carbide, Alloyed steels

The great advantage of the plasma spray coating technique is its ability to apply a wide range of coatings, from metals to refractory ceramics, on  all sizes of components offering:

  • corrosion protection
  • wear resistance
  • heat and oxidation resistance
  • electrical resistivity and conductivity
  • temperature management