Metal Spraying

Metal spraying, also known as thermal spraying is a coating (or surface engineering) process where a wide range of metals and ceramics are sprayed onto the surface of another material (usually metallic).
Metal spraying is commonly used to provide varying levels of corrosion and or wear protection to ferrous metals. The surface properties of the sprayed items are altered in this way to improve wear resistance or thermal conductivity.
There are a huge range of specialist coatings these days to cover almost every eventuality. From simple sprayed coatings of steel to advanced ceramic coatings.

 Some Applications of Thermal Spraying

  • Corrosion protection
  • Fouling protection
  • Altering thermal conductivity or electrical conductivity
  • Wear control: either hardfacing (wear-resistant) or abradable coating
  • Repairing damaged surfaces
  • Temperature/oxidation protection (thermal barrier coatings)
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