Flame Powder Spraying

Flame (or Combustion) Powder Spray process uses a technique similar to Flame Wire Spraying except that powder is used instead of wire.

A principle advantage of this process is that a much wider range of materials can be utilised. For example Aluminium, Zinc, stainless steel, Bronze, low carbon steel, Nickel-based materials, Molybdenum. Nickel or Cobalt based self fuxing alloys or even ceramic materials.

These can all easily be processed into powder form giving a much larger choice of coatings. As many alloys are difficult (or impossible) to produce in a wire form the powder spray process allows for such alloys to be used as coatings.

Currently we offer the following common spray coatings: -

  • **Colmonoy's 4,5 and 6
  • Nickel, Chrome Boron with a Tungsten Carbide Matrix

Note: ** Components wil require heat treatment after application.

Powder spraying can often be used where cost is a priority and a slightly lower quality can be tolerated. Many components are sprayed manually.

Bearing Reclamation Using Powder Spraying

Bearing surfaces are easily repaired using this process.

Damaged, scored or undersized bearings can be sprayed with similar materials to the base material and machined back to original size.

The surface coatings produced are porous and so provide a beneficial way for lubricants to be absorbed into the coating, enhancing performance of the bearing.