Metal Spraying Services

I've never had a problem whilst using Nicol & Andrew (MSPE)for my metal spraying and grinding repairs. I have always found them very helpful and they always provide a quick turn around when required to meet short lead times. I highly recommend them.

Douglas Murdoch

Sprayed Coating & Grinding

I have used Nicol & Andrew (MSPE) for a number of years. What I like about them is the quality of their specialist sprayed coatings and their workmanship plus how their team always respond quickly to enquiries.

It also helps that they have the approval certifications that we require along with very competitive pricing.

Their team are always in contact via telephone, email and also site visits which makes working with them very easy.

I definitely would recommend their services because of the “Quality and Professionalism” of the company.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to continually working with the team and company.

Alex Thomson
Machine Shop Manager

Specialist Sprayed Coatings

Any time I have used Nicol & Andrew MSPE in the past their services have been spot on and I have always had good quality workmanship and timely communications from the team.

The team at MSPE are easy to deal with and nothing ever seems to go wrong.

Their prices are competitive and they also offer services which other suppliers can not offer.

The team at Nicol & Andrew always keep in touch even if our orders with them are a bit sporadic.

I would highly recommend their service as the prices are always good and the jobs they have done for me in the past have been great.

Allan Sim
Associate Project Engineer

Corrosion Resistant Coatings

The only reason we do not send more work to MSPE is our own lack of orders from customers.

They always provide superb quality and always answered any queries.

The turn round we get from them is excellent, plus they are fairly local.

I would recommend their metal spraying and coating services 100% as I have never had any issues or problems.

Jim Longmire

DDL Production Supervisor

Sprayed Metal Finishing

I never have any reservations using MSPE for my spraying requirements. Their service is always reliable and they always respond quickly to our "Panic Station" demands.

They are always available to provide technical advice when asked and provide a good quality of workmanship at all times.

Turnaround is usually good when requested.

I would have no hesitation recommending your services to other potential customers.

Keep up the good work

Gavin McDerment

HVOF Coating Service

As a direct result of using MSPE for our sprayed coatings work we have been able to offer our customers a more varied service.

What I like about MSPE is the great quality of products and services they supply, plus the fact that they regularly offer collection and delivery is a bonus.

The fact that they can also provide an impressively quick response time to enquiries is much appreciated

Nicol & Andrew MSPE continue to meet or exceed our expectations in both of product quality and delivery.

Keep up the good work.

John Watt - Kestrel Engineering Services Ltd