Metal Finishing Company & Thermal Spray Services, Marine & Industrial Engineering Specialist in Scotland, UK

We offer a wide range of metal sprayed surface treatments

We specialize in precision coatings for applications which involve aggressive and abrasive environments

We offer the following services:

HVOF and high temperature plasma spraying of metal, ceramics and cermets

Coatings include:


  1. Tungsten Carbide/Cobalt/Chrome (Diatec 1086) - the most widely used coating; as well as having a greater hardness than chrome plating, it is also better in corrosive, erosive and extreme wear environments.
  2. Nickel/Chrome/Boron (Diatec 1060) - is widely used as a replacement to chrome plating.
  3. Our Inconel 625 enquivalent (Diatec 1062) has been approved by major manufacturing companies for the reclamation of seal and bearing areas on inconel and super duplex shafts, housings etc.


  1. Ceramics and cermets can be applied by using high flame temperature plasma spraying.  Aluminium oxide, aluminium titanium oxide and chrome oxide are just a few that are readily available.

We also offer:

  • Grinding and polishing/finishing of components to a high standard
  • Full certification of all coatings and finishes
  • Metal spraying and finishing on site using mobile plant where necessary

  • (HVOF) coatings can improve or restore your component’s surface properties or dimensions. Equipment life, erosion resistance and corrosion protection are all improved.

  • Recover your miss-machined or corroded parts and apply corrosion resistant coatings to steelwork with Flame Wire Spraying

  • Extend the life of your components or apply corrosion resistant coatings using our plasma spraying services, a cost-effective method for enhancing surface properties of many metallic components.

  • MSPE offer all types of cylindrical grinding to help repair your damaged round or shaft type oil field components. Combined with spray coatings most components can be saved.

  • Our arc wire spraying of Galvanically active coatings such as Zinc and Aluminium provide the ultimate in anti corrosion protection.

  • Quickly and cost effectively reclaim worn or damaged shafts especially bearing areas with materials including stainless steel and bronze alloys.

  • Check out our approvals from our major customers for the spraying of Carbide, Zinc, Aluminium and stainless steel coatings. Offering long life protection against corrosion and wear.